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CBD Crystals

To obtain the CBD crystals, a natural extraction method is used starting from the best inflorescences of Cannabis Light with a high CBD content, which as we know is completely free of psychoactive substances and is therefore 100% legal.

Anti-infiammatory, anti-anxiety, no psychoactive effect, anti-bacterial these are just few of the proprieties this incredible molecule has to offer. A precious help from nature for health and well being.

An ally in the everyday battle against stress and bad life style.

Cristalli CBD - The Monkey
Cristalli CBD - The Monkey

99% pure, fat-soluble CBD isolate (THC-free) crystals (in oil or glycerin), excellent for vaporization.

Composition: Isolated crystals + 99%
CBD tested by independent laboratories


CBD Crystals by The Monkey is not a medicinal, food, combustion product and is not to be taken. Keep tightly closed away from light and heat sources, preferably in the refrigerator.

CBD Crystals available 250mg – 500mg – 750mg – 10gr

Produced in compliance with the cannabis law of 2 December 2016 n.242
Circular of the Ministry of Health 22 May 2009 and REG. CE n 112.