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The Monkey

The monkey of Italian legal cannabis

The Monkey (formerly Hand Selected Weed) was born from the association of professional breeders around the world.
Selection of the best American and European light weed genetics on the market in order to preserve the genetic characteristics over time.

In recent years, many farms have started to produce, driven by the so-called “Green Rush”, a sort of green gold rush, they have invested in the production of this miraculous plant; as a result we now find ourselves in a real market with many professionals including producers, retailers and consumers.

In the midst of this commercial chaos, in 2018 a group of friends decided to invest energy and ideas in a new project, The Monkey.
This group of friends is not only made up of commercial agents but also two growers who have honed their hemp knowledge by working on a farm in California, right in the center of the Emerald Triangle, in the middle of the Humboldt County redwoods.

An all-Italian and 100% natural production

Production is made in Italy, taking advantage of our beautiful agricultural land which gives us one of the largest biodiversity on the planet.
The fertilizers used are all organic and one of the first directives was precisely that of not using any type of pesticide. For this reason, The Monkey has staked everything on the thorough cleaning of the growing areas and the use of predatory insects which, thanks to organic cultivation, reproduce independently, creating a real shield against possible infestations of red spider mites or whiteflies and so on.

Careful selection of the best Sativa Hemp genetics

Genetics selection is another important step in building a brand. This is how the guys from The Monkey began to collect various genetics, selecting the best for yield and quality of the inflorescence.
Starting with 3 genetics in early 2018, The Monkey now boasts a much wider selection of Cannabis Light, including:
Cheese Cake, Domina, Kanadian Therapy, Kush, Lemon Kush, Silver Haze, Strawberry Kush, Wedding Cake, White Berry, Real Amnesia and many more.